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Carbon footprint data made easy

About Us


What we do

FootprintLab provides current, credible and commercially ready carbon data to integrate with fintech, open banking, accounting software, for procurement, investment, or any transaction, in any sector, in any country in the world.


Our data is world class, developed in cooperation with the University of Sydney and UNSW. So good, it's used by the Australian Government's Climate Active program and in a large range of peer reviewed scientific journals. So hard to make, we depend on decades of research, and high performance computers to get it right.


Our team has decades of experience in producing and using footprint data - haven't seen a use case we can't support yet! We will work with you to ensure you get it right and have all the answers for your users.

Who We Are

Cofounders Tim and Janet have spent decades at the CSIRO and the United Nations working with companies or whole countries to measure and manage their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the environmental footprint of every transaction transparent and credible. By bringing to light the hidden impacts behind our consumption and production activities, consumers, producers and governments can make informed decisions that align with society’s sustainability goals.  

What We Offer



Current, credible and commercially ready carbon multipliers with a wide variety of detail on products and regions or countries.


Datasets contain variations across the following dimensions:

  • 164 countries or regions

  • 100's of product classes including Merchant Category Codes, ISIC and ANZSIC Classifcations

  • Information on data provenance

  • Emission factors for individuals or business.

  • Other sustainability metrics: energy, water, gendered employment, biodiversity


We are obsessed with helping anyone who has a climate solution. We provide expert advice on the development of tools and workflows to integrate the data into products and services. 

We also offer tech support to ensure that you have the answer to questions that arise from within your teams or from your users. 

Why Us



Flexible access to data on carbon intensities customised to your needs. Immediate updates integrated into your workflows.


We know where the numbers come from because we make the data. No machine learning or AI, just a transparent process systematically provides an audit trail on data provenance, derivations and uncertainty.

Credible data

Our data has been used and peer-reviewed over 10 years’ of international research, and is founded on the same data used by the United Nations to measure progress on the Sustainable Development Goals 

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